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 Watch Nate Berkus, Celebrity Cruises Design Ambassador,
introduce you to the latest breakthrough in luxury travel

This is a photo of me with Harri Kulovaara - who oversees all of the new ship builds at RCCL and Celebrity. The man is a genius!

This is a photo of me with Harri Kulovaara - who oversees all of the new ship builds at RCCL and Celebrity. The man is a genius!

As the industry awaits the arrival of the new 2900-passenger Celebrity Edge, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive reveal that left me mesmerized. Several articles are available via links below, but I want to share my own thoughts and insight into some of this ship’s revolutionary features.
Let’s touch on a few of the innovations:  the Magic Carpet, the 900+ cabins with infinite balconies, the Retreat and the Rooftop Garden.

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Magic Carpet

Imagine a covered cantilevered platform, the size of a tennis court, that hangs over the side of the vessel.  Now give it a full service bar, tables and lounge-style seating for 100 guests.  Add in live entertainment.  Introducing the Magic Carpet!  Celebrity was looking for a way to make their tendering to shore experience more comfortable – and they were trying to design a fixture where guests would safely and happily assemble while waiting for their ship to shore transportation.  Once they found something that seemed to work – they thought deeper.  What if that platform could move up and down via hydraulics to other decks of the ship to be used for other purposes?  What if it could go to deck 5 to be used as dining/lounge space next to the raw bar?  What if it could go to deck 14 (the resort deck, known as the pool deck on other ships) and be used an alternative lounge with live music?  And what if it could ascend above the highest deck of the ship to offer a private alfresco dining experience called Dining on the Edge?  That what if is going to offer Edge passengers a completely different shipboard experience.  And yes…for money – you can make it exclusive for incentive group events!

Infinite Balconies

Edge will feature 918 balcony cabins (16 for solo travelers), the largest in the premium market at 21 square meters.  These staterooms make exceptional use of interior and exterior living space.  Bathrooms and cashmere king-sized beds are noticeably larger.  The infinite balconies are similar to those offered on upscale river ships – where the veranda is merely an extension of the cabin, without the traditional awkward heavy door and step up exit.  A floor to ceiling glass door slides to the side to bring the outside in.  A  remote control window (the length of the balcony) opens from the top down.  It’s an incredible innovation that will delight passengers.  

The Retreat is an exclusive sanctuary for Suite Class guests.  It includes the Retreat Lounge, private dining in Luminae and a stylish country club vibe at the Retreat Sundeck, pool and bar.  All suites come with butler service.  It is completely indulgent and private.

Lisa Luton-Perlo, President of Celebrity Cruises explains the new Rooftop Garden concept.

Lisa Luton-Perlo, President of Celebrity Cruises explains the new Rooftop Garden concept.

The Rooftop Garden

Remember the Lawn Club on the Solstice Class?  Well, let’s reimagine it completely and replace it with the Rooftop Garden, a living urban playscape that will be home to dining, movies and live entertainment.  The whimsical tree “sculptures” will feature live musical performers.  The large screen will be the home for a Taste of Film. The comfortable seating will invite intimate  and relaxed gatherings – and of course it is perfect for a cocktail party!  Casual dining offered at the Rooftop Grille.  Your imagination is your guide in this fantastic garden escape.
There are many more surprises in store.  You can book your group on seven night Eastern and Western Caribbean Edge cruises out of Fort Lauderdale starting in December 2018.  Summers will find the Edge sailing the waters of the Mediterranean.  

Let’s all live on the Edge!


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